Be a Sponsor

We depend on sponsors in order to produce our faith stories. Sponsors can be churches, businesses, organizations, or individuals, but all Heartland Seeds sponsors will have the same goal; to help us create and share simple, powerful videos about Jesus.

Sponsors often have people and stories in mind when they approach us for sponsorship, and we encourage that! However if you want to be a sponsor but don’t have a project idea, that’s fine too. We have a list of productions we’d love to do if we had funding, and we’d be happy to share those ideas with you.

Collection Sponsor
Collections are 6 faith story videos centered around a main theme.  That theme could be almost anything: struggles, marriage, joy, sacrifice, adoption, salvation, etc.  We’ll produce a DVD, a page on our website, and a Youtube playlist based on the collection theme, and we’ll recruit a pastor to create an intro video for the collection. We can also produce a pastor’s comments to use at the beginning or end of each individual video.


Faith Story Sponsor  
A faith story is typically about one person, couple, or family.  These videos are usually about 4-6 minutes long and include interview footage as well as other creative footage, still photos, and other images to tell the story.  We can also produce a pastor’s comments to use at the beginning or end of the video to enhance the story.


Partial Sponsor  
We need sponsors at every level, and we have more stories to produce than funds to make them!  If you would like to be a partial sponsor, we’ll help connect you with a specific production so you know how your funds are being used.


… So how are these videos used?
There are many ways to use videos that we produce.
  • Projection on Sunday morning for churches
  • Watching with your small group or Bible study group
  • Sharing online via email, Youtube, Facebook, etc.
  • Giving a DVD to a friend or neighbor
  • and more…

If you would like to become a sponsor or have further questions, contact us!