Here are a few questions that we are asked frequently. Please contact us if you would like more information!

Q. What do you do again? Sell seeds?

A. Heartland Seeds is an organization that creates simple, powerful videos about how Jesus is working in people’s lives. Our hope is that these videos will plant seeds of faith in people’s hearts, hence the name Heartland Seeds. And we are located in the middle of the world’s greatest farming area, sometimes called the Heartland Region.

Q. How is Heartland Seeds supported financially?

A. Heartland Seeds’ business model is production-driven, and is supported by churches, ministries, and individuals who sponsor with us. Click here for more info on being a sponsor. We provide low-cost downloads and DVDs to help encourage sharing of our stories as much as possible. Click here for more information on our collection of videos.

Q. We’d like to produce a story for use within our church, but are uncomfortable letting it get out beyond our walls.

A. The gospel is good news, and sharing it with others is part of the great commission that Jesus gave to us.  A video project with Heartland Seeds is one avenue available to be able to do that.  We make an effort to put our subjects in the best light and to make your story point to Jesus.  Our hope is that even if you’re a little nervous going into the video project, when it’s done your church will love it so much they will want to share it with everyone! If you still would rather make a video designed only for your own church, we completely understand and would be willing to discuss custom video production options through our parent company, Center Street Productions.

Q. Is this a non-profit ministry? Can I get a tax deduction?

A. Not at this time.  Currently Heartland Seeds is part of Center Street Productions, which is a video production company that provides general video services such as industrial and business videos, wedding videos, concerts, client testimonials, promotional videos, and more.  Heartland Seeds was started by Phil Gioja, owner and videographer for Center Street, to help focus on an area in his business that he felt could fit a need for churches and fit with what he’d learned at Trinity Church in Watseka, IL.

Q. How much does it cost to become a sponsor and have a video produced?

A. We encourage all levels of sponsorship, and have laid out a few levels of sponsorship available on this page. Of course we are open to tailoring projects to match your needs and ideas if we can.

Q. Does Heartland Seeds ever produce videos at no cost?

A. If you feel we would be interested in producing your story but you don’t have a way to help contribute towards production costs, contact us anyway! We will attempt to match your story with sponsors who’d like to see your story produced.

Q. We’d rather keep the rights to our own videos and not give them away! If Heartland Seeds produces a video for my church, are we required to let Heartland Seeds share it with other churches?

A. Good question.  Yes and no.  Our goal with Heartland Seeds is to use video to share the gospel with as big of an impact as we can.  We desire to create videos that could play anywhere, in the hopes that we can share Jesus with as many people as possible. With that goal in mind, copyright & control of the video remains with Heartland Seeds.  If you would rather create a project in which you own all the rights and do not want to share it with other churches and groups, we can discuss custom video production options through our parent company, Center Street Productions.

We would love to hear from you.  If you have more questions, please contact us!

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