Honorable Mention for Best Documentary!

We were very excited to discover today that we won an honorable mention for Best Documentary for our film From Chains to Freedom at the International Christian Film Festival in Orlando this past week!

Click here to learn more about our film!


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Presentation at Trinity Church Missions Night

Phil Gioja from Heartland Seeds has been invited to give a short presentation at Trinity Church in Watseka on November 3rd for Missions Night, and he will be talking about local missions and Heartland Seeds, as well as sharing a little about foster care.

Also, Roger and Nancy Bowers, new missionaries with Trinity Church, will be talking about the Basque region in France.

Starts at 5:30 with a baked potato dinner. RSVP is requested so they know how much to prepare, and while childcare is not provided, the night is designed to be fun for the whole family.

Hope to see you there!

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Loving the Outcast

Howard Penney of HP Ministries talks about how From Chains to Freedom has strengthened his ministry, and why Christians need to love social outcasts.

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What has Jesus done for you?

“God can only use broken vessels.” Howard Penney from HP Ministries talks about our recent documentary film From Chains to Freedom and his reflections on why Christians should share their faith stories.

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Small town churches & Heartland Seeds

Thinking this morning about the needs of small town churches and how Heartland Seeds may be able to help meet some of those needs. It’s interesting how many conferences, ministries, and materials are created from big churches in big cities, and while they are great materials and impact many lives, don’t always meet small town churches & congregations on their level. Hoping God will use us to help with that, in some small way.

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Faith stories & small groups

Phil Gioja from Heartland Seeds talks about how personal faith stories fit into a small group setting.

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New video preview of Mark’s story ‘A Door Closed’

One more new video preview today! This one is personal to Phil because he’s known Mark for several years through church and school connections. Not too long ago Mark went through a major bump in life, and Phil was in his men’s small group study at the time.

Here’s Mark’s story of a door that was closed, and how God used this difficult circumstance.

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New series focusing on loving others!

It doesn’t take a cape and spandex suit, or a lot of degrees, or relocating to a far away country to love other people for Jesus in a hands-on, practical way. We are starting a new video series called ‘Everyday Heroes’, and our goal for this series is to look behind the scenes of several small, practical ministries to show that anyone can use what they have to love others & share their faith.

We believe you’ll fall in love with these ministries, but we also hope that these stories will inspire you to step out in faith in your own life as well.

Check out the first video in this series, ‘Hooves of Hope’.

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The value of personal testimony

Phil Gioja from Heartland Seeds talks about the ideas & motivation behind ‘From Chains to Freedom’, and what he discovered about Jesus and the value of personal testimonies in the process.

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New ‘From Chains to Freedom’ Trailer

Share our new trailer and help us spread the word about Heartland Seeds and especially our new film ‘From Chains to Freedom’!

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